A Year in Books - #GIRLBOSS

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In a Nutshell : Tells us about how Sophia build one of the fastest-growing-retail company in the world.

This book was one of my reading list since 2016 but I just got a chance to read it in this year, haha.  This book really teaches me about how to make your dream come true. Be confident what you are. Love your self and after that all people around you will love you automatically.

The story line is fascinating.
She told us how to be bold, outlier, and respect your own choice.
Never underestimate your self.
Try to find solution instead of asking for help.
Independent yet care to each other.

Do what you want and make a plan to achieve it.
Dreaming is the result for tomorrow’s question.

She's inspired me to achieve my ambition in life.
She was not a charming person at school.
She didn’t come from reputable university
But, the points are …

She knew what she wanted in life
She executed it, not just a plan

She teaches us to be a #GIRLBOSS
(if you’re a boy, you’re a #BOYBOSS hehe)

I will not give a spoiler about the detail, but here are 5 things why you should read this book  :

Changed your mindset about entrepreneurial

Sometime, this word give a different meaning to another person. You can be entrepreneurial without being an entrepreneur. Super agree with this mindset. Most of my friends always use this word to describe someone who want to make a business. Nope! Entrepreneurial people are passionate about what they do, comfortable with taking risks, and quick at moving on from failure.

Absolutely true, being an entrepreneurial is not always need to make something. It’s all about mindset. How you comfortable with disagreement. Fight for your idea and make it real.

If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right

Being in comfort zone is the most comfort place in the word. It’s ok to make a big decision when it affects your career, personal interest, etc. She told us to do everything what made us happy. Say “yes” if you like it and “no” if you don’t  want to do it.

Choosing your own fate

She taught us if we can choose our fate, our future. It’s super hard to chart the path like what you want, but as long as you execute a plan to achieve it, you’ll get it.

Take care of your self

Wow, those things are magic. Take care of yourself, that’s not your husband or boyfriend’s job. So many stories in that book about how Sophia was taking care of herself.

Good idea is only good if there is a well-thought-out plan to make it real

You can find this part in the whole stories. I can’t give more comments about this part. You should read it.

I like honesty and I value curiosity

Can't wait to watch the series on Netflix, soon!

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