A Year in Books - Milk and Honey

I've decided to make a blog post about one of my goal in this year. Years before, I only read about 1 book a month and sometime I didn't commit about it. This year, I wanna read 2 books in a month. Maybe my last year strategy was not good enough, because usually I couldn't finish my book in a month, heheh cupu ya!

In this post, I'll review one of two books that I've finished in February. 
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I bought this book in Kindle version because more cheaper than the hardbook/paperbook.

In a Nutshell : this book tell us about the 4 processes in life when we fall in love, they are the hurting, the loving, the breaking, and the healing.

Milk and Honey is the first poetry book that I've read. I am not a poetry lover because sometime its felt like overwhelming. This book full of doodles (vulgarity), I love how Rupi Kaur described her feeling. 

Relationship is not easy. I've ever been in that 4 situations for the past couple years. 

the hurting
The first feeling that she described in the book. When I read this part for the first time, its really made me confuse. I've searched in Google (my best friend forever), some readers shared that if you're not in that condition, you can 100% feel it. Yup, I'm happy because I've never been in this part

This part was the sad and humiliate part :"""
Rupi Kaur has made a good and simple word to describe the feeling.
I never want to be in this part, full of abuse and sadness.

the loving
Everyone love this part. Hey girl, what is the best part of your relationship? For me was the time when you and him had a small talk about what's your hobby, what's your favorite things. what kind of things do you like, etc. We called it PDKT time, this time was the best time in a relationship. When you try to get closer and get to know each other without no-status (yet). Just friends but had a different feeling. I love this part.

Someone who can easily to fall in love (dangerous alert is ON!)

my favorite part is

what am i to you,  he asks
i put my hands in his lap
and whisper you
are every hope
i've ever had
in human form


the breaking
This part is what I've felt lately in life LOL (lontong sayur).
so many part that I loved in this situation, here are some of my favorites :

how can she love a man who is busy loving someone he can never get his hands on again

(breaking was not easy dude!)

you whisper
i love you
what you mean is
i don't want you to leave


i didn't leave because
i stopped loving you
i left because the longer
i stayed the less
i loved myself

(and I loved the doodles after this part, feeling desperate)

the abused
and the abuser

- i have been both

Guys this part was awesome! you should read this book.

the healing
Can't describe my feeling after read this part. The healing!

you must enter a relationship
with yourself
before anyone else

Couldn't agree more!
Love your self first. When you can accept who you are so the people around you will automatically like you!

She said "loneliness is a sign you are in desperate need of yourself"

This book really tell so many hidden stories in our love-hate relationship (with our self/girlfriend/boyfriend). 



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