Place to go in Bandung : Please Please Please

Happy me when touched down Bandung

Bandung is a city full of joy, love, and happiness in one package. In this post I'll share about my last one-day-trip to Bandung. Kind of a promptly decision with my sister but never regret it. Super effective and efficient trip LOL! (type of ENTJ person)

Decided to visit the famous-pink-cafe in town, Please Please Please on Progo sreet No 27, Bandung. Near to Roti Gempol, my favorite simple, quick, and cheap breakfast in Bandung. I was surprised because we were their first customer in that day HAHA. Lucky me! We took so many photos at different spots freely without anybody.

Super Galau Quote, You'll see it when enter the place

Pinterest mode is ON here, near to Toilet
You should explore the toilet area too, too much fun in one place.

My favorite spot, near to outdoor room
Near to this area, you'll see many posters on the wall, back to 80s maybe :D

Outdoor area
In outdoor area you'll see super pretty sunlight there. I preferred to take as much as photo at that area. HAHAHA

On 2nd floor
Taken from 2nd floor upps new customers were coming

Many 80's movies on the wall
Me trying to become a flat-lay photographer LOL
No idea with this pose, I just copied pasted my idol GongYoo on one of his photoshoot HAHA
Front area, many local online shop took their photo-catalog at this place and area
Travel companion , my sister
Pretty place to chill and relax.



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