August is a new hope

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Welcome August!
I can't imagine if my quarter-century-life will be coming super soon. Hehe LOL.
Some to do list have done and the others are still up in the air!

I was so happy, ended July with a cheerful memory.
Just comeback from Lombok (yeay, I did it dude!)
Please, I know. My skin is more darker than usual.
Haha, stop complaining about it. I am on it, dude.

Lombok was super pretty.
I was so blissful to be there.
Thanks for all of my friends on that trip.
You are amazing!

I think, I will comeback with Bae (LOL) to Gili Trawangan.
Many places to explore.
I hope you are a good travel buddy who be on the alert to take a picture.
I love to capture every moments in life.
Photos can tell you more than a memory.
It tells about feeling and everything on the back.

Moreover, this month I also join a new community
Can't wait for Kelas Inspirasi Jakarta on 14 August.
Super random. Decided to join and got many un-expected friends there.

This month, I've also made a plan (wish me luck) about what I wanna do next.
Hahaha. Please I am still a girl. I am not  25 yo yet.

Could't ask for more.
Thanks God, you always give the best for me.
Surrounded by so many love, grateful and well-rounded ppl.
This year, I really learned a lot about how to enjoy and love your self.
You should love yourself before you love somebody else.
Self-love is a long-journey.
Stop comparing your chapter 3 with someone else on chapters 12.
Be grateful for what you have.
Because you don't know what God's taken from them.
If you asked me, my biggest failure was on my health-life.
You can't imagine the long journey that I've been through for this one.
When you've done everything-healthy-life-guide but ended up with meh 

Enjoy life
Spend time with the love one
Keep learning

Everything happened for a reason
Pain serves a purpose



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