A Year in Books - Born a Crime : Story from a South African Childhood

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Hallo! It's taken a long time for writing this book review, even thought this book might be one of my favorite in 2017. The wittiest memoir that I've ever read. Strong personality who has a gleeful spirit. I love ppl who can control every pain in their life and turn it into something positive. Enjoy my mini-book review. Writing this while listening to Rita Ora's songs in this pretty Sunday's morning. (Yeay)

Trevor Noah was my reading list in July. I chose this book based on my friend's recommendation. Not long after it, one of my favorite blogger has shared about this book too on her social media. Besides, I've knew him since I watched The Daily Show. I really love that TV program cause too lazy for reading the news. Is there a similar tv program in our beloved country? It'd be nice if we can watch news-tv-program with a jubilant news anchor. 😁If you are a big fans of his TV Program, you should read this book 😆

In a nutshell : Trevor was born a crime, son of white man and black woman which was a big mistakes at that time in South Africa. This book tells many stories about his exceptional childhood memories. But for me, it's more about his mother. A fiercely religious woman who taught him freedom. She wanted him to be free to go anywhere, be anyone and do anything. 

Nine times out of ten from all of my books review, here are my favorite :

I wasn't a lonely kid, I was good at being alone

Apartheid had made everything need to be categorized. Being half black and half white was not cushy and I can't imagine what would I do if I were him. He learned how to entertaining his self, read books, play with the toy that he had, and make up imaginary worlds. Ppl said, Great things never came from comfort zone" maybe this kind of magic world had happened to him when kid. He found that language can solve his problem. How you communicate will show who you are. He can speak 6 languages and it made him easily making a friends in black or white. Cool kid! How many language can you speak profoundly? I also learn from his memoir if language can shape the way you think. 

Learn from your past and be better because of your past

So many stories about how he learned from past and tried to make some improvement for next decision. His mother really shaped the way he think. Pretty much, all of this memoir are about his mother. Fiercely lady who taught him freedom. She shown him how to wipe the pain quickly. She would say, "but don't cry about your past. Life is full of pain. Let the pain sharpen you, but don't hold on to it. Don't be bitter." Her ability to forget the pain in life is beyond amazing. 

I still remember same values that I got from Mark Manson's book if Pain serves a purpose. Surprisingly, all the books that I read are connecting each other LOL. Never let the memory of something painful prevent you from trying something new. 

His mother really taught him how to think. She also spoke to him like an adult, talking about sex to kid? LOL yes she did it to Trevor. She taught him to respect woman. "Do not come to your woman just when you need her." She'd say things like "It's you and me against the world". They were a team not just a basic Mother and Son.

I really recommend you to read this book, many parenting skills that you can adopt from here. To all my dear friends who currently having a new born baby.

Relationship are built in silence

Could you imagine for living in a place where you couldn't meet your parent because of law? It was happened to Trevor. His father is white and he lived in Apartheid. There was a time when he never met his father for a long time and found out that his father had collected all of his achievement from news paper on scrap-book. I hold my tear when read this part. Felt a flood of emotions rushing through my mind. His father never forget him for a second and I thought all of parent will do the same. Maybe we can feel this emotions when having a kid. LOL. (yang rebel siap-siap kena kualat sama anak haha). 

Missed his dad so much and he already made list of question that he wanted to ask. And his father told him "Why are you interrogating me?". LOL! He learned if relationship is not an interview. You should spend time with someone you love and then you come to know them. Time is everything. 

Look on the bright side

No wonder why he is so witty and all his Daily Show made me cry cause it's just funny. His mother taught him to stop drama in life. There was a moment when he got bullied with his black friends and came home with full of bloody-red-berry on face. His mother said "You're not hurt. You're hurt emotionally. But you're not hurt." LOL. It made me realize if a merry-maker is a good faker. They should pretend to be happy 24/7 but deep down maybe they have many life-love-problems. HAHAHA. His mom taught him if everything was funny. There was no subject too dark or too painful for her to tackle with humor. 

So many values that you can get after read this book. For me the biggest one is : We don't know what have happened in someone life at the back, we just see his/her glamour life. Keep hustle, everybody has their own timeline. And stop drama! HAHAHA. 

Here are some favorite part/quote that I love from this book : 
  • You must be careful who you surround yourself with because where you are determine who you are
  • If you talk to a man in a language he understand, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart
  • If I don't punish you, the world will punish you even worse. 
  • I grew up in a world full of violence but I myself was never violent at all
  • When you love someone you create a new world for them
This book might make us recall all of our childhood memories and made us wanna thanks to our parent for bringing us into this world and making us the person we are today. 

Thanks for reading my dear friends.
See you till the next post.


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